Frank loves to spread the gospel of grass-fed goodness through all forms of media! For general or San Francisco-related inquiries, please contact Larry Bain at larry@letsbefrankdogs.com or 415.377-3813. For inquiries related to our LA operations, please contact Sue Moore at sue@letsbefrankdogs.com or 415-515-8084.
  • Saveur


    Let's be Frank will have to try harder, Saveur voted us #2 in its Nation Wide Survey of Hot Dogs! Check out PDF of article >>

  • Zagat


    SAN FRANCISCO: The first brick-and-mortar outpost of Bay Area haute wiener purveyor Let's Be Frank unleashes its dogs in the Marina, serving franks and brats made with sustainable ingredients, along with grass-fed-beef chili, ice-cream sandwiches from Bi-Rite Creamery and beer.


    LOS ANGELES: Best Buys Bang for the buck; Z rating: highest rating for popularity and importance. "Sustainable", "grass-fed beef" franks with a "satisfying snap" illicit "OMGs" at this "incredible" food truck... Go to online article >>

  • AMP Radio

    Carson Daly "Food Truck Friday" show

    Amp Radio

    Let’s Be Frank lives by the motto: “Dogs Gone Good.” That means they use only locally-sourced grass-fed beef, so there’s no hormones, antibiotics, nitrates, and nitrites in their food. Go to online article >>

  • LA Times

    Los Angeles is a Hot Dog Town

    In the Mo

    Check out what's going on in LA. Go to online video >>

  • LA Times

    "L.A.'s Revolution in Dining"

    S. Irene Virbila

    The restaurant scene has busted wide open with new excitement. Fine dining mixes with food trucks and pop-ups. Go to online article >>

  • CNN Money

    iPhone App Beefs Up Sausage Sales

    CNN Money

    The Let's Be Frank hot dog truck is no longer a cash only business thanks to the Square iPhone application, which allows vendors to accept credit cards wirelessly. Go to online article >>

  • Huffington Post

    Best Hot Dogs In Los Angeles

    Huffington Post

    A tribute to the snap of taut casing giving way to a juicy, salty melange of mystery meat, herbs, and spices. Go to online article >>

  • A Little Yumminess Food Adventure Blog

    Let’s be Frank – Dogs Gone Good!

    A Little Yumminess: Simran Stacie

    Much to my chagrin having Ria eat lunch at school exposed her to hot dogs – something I had deliberately kept her away from. She also learned from her adorable and rather creative friend Drew the made up “Hot dog, Hot dog” song which she sings whenever she wants some franks. Cute, but marginally disturbing for a “food snob” parent. Go to online article >>

  • LA Weekly

    99 Things to Eat in L.A. Before You Die

    LA Weekly: Jonathan Gold

    Could it be more disloyal to Los Angeles than to suggest that its best hot dog may be one first sold outside the home field of the hated San Francisco Giants? A hot dog sold from a truck? Go to online article >>

  • CBS

    CBS: Bill Whitaker

    CBS Sunday Morning news correspondent interviews Sue and investigates the food truck movement in Los Angeles – A fun peek into the madcap mobile food scene in Southern California! View the video >> Go to online article >>

  • NBC


    The all-beef hot-doggery has been getting the love for its trucks and tastes, and rightly so. But we wanted to give props to one wicked relish, an add-on that suits a high-end weiner or anything else from the between-two-buns family. Go to online article >>

  • Vendr TV


    July 09
    Check out Frank's TV debut! Daniel Delaney and the VendrTV crew stop by to enjoy some delicious dogs (and Devil Sauce, of course!) and chat with Sue at our scenic Crissy Field cart. View the video >>

  • The Tablehopper

    The Tablehopper

    Starting today, LET'S BE FRANK is offering a special Twofer Tuesday deal: any two dogs at a special price of two for $8 (regularly priced at $11). Available all day every Tuesday. They are also hoping their beer and wine license will be ready any day now. Did you know the doghouse is open until 2am Fri–Sat, and they are delivering to local bars in the Marina?! Just give 'em a call from yer barstool (or if you are too incapacitated, have your bartender call for you). 3318 Steiner St. at Chestnut, 415-674-6755.

  • Bon Appetit

    Around The World In Hot Dogs

    Bon Appetit

    June 2009
    “Whichever toppings you choose, you’ll want to begin with a great dog. While testing [these] recipes, the Bon Appetit editors ate a lot of franks. Their favorites? …Let’s Be Frank Uncured Beef Franks…” Go to online article >>

  • The Atlantic

    A better – and better tasting – hot dog

    The Atlantic: Corby Kummer

    “Everyone has fun at Let's Be Frank. Now anyone can find it, seven days a week at the same place, rather than waiting to go to a game or an event to find one of the carts. Even the hot sauce is a little less secret: they're selling it by the jar.” Go to online article >>

  • SF Chronicle

    SF Chronicle

    Grass-fed beef dogs are now at the company's first restaurant, housed in a small space designed by San Francisco architect Cass Calder Smith. There's a veggie dog, too, and toppings include a spicy Devil Sauce, reminiscent of Indian pickle, and grass-fed beef chili.

  • Daily Candy

    Daily Candy

    What: Purveyor of grass-fed (and hormone-free) beef hot dogs opens brick-and-mortar in the Marina, complete with Bi-Rite ice cream sammies and doggie bag party packs.Why: Itsy-bitsy, not-so-teeny weenies.

  • The Tablehopper

    The Tablehopper

    Also in the Marina, the ~LET’S BE FRANK “DOGHOUSE”~ is open. … You’ll be able to get their trademark grass-fed beef hot dogs and family-farmed pork brats, new spicy "hot" dogs, and a "Not Dog" (it’s vegan!), Devil Sauce (can’t wait to try it), plus chili made with heirloom beans from Rancho Gordo, Bi-Rite Creamery ice cream sandwiches, local beers, and wines.

  • Eater SF

    Eater SF

    The Marina: The first brick-and-mortar location of Let's Be Frank is open for the first time right now. The hot dog-centric menu was posted online last week. It's a small shop, with just a few tables, but the Cass Calder Smith design is pretty literal, including some flashy Steiner Street signage.

  • Urban Daddy


    “…surprisingly guilt-free all-beef dogs, made from a recipe whipped up by a Chez Panisse alum. You'll like the "Hot" Dog, a spicy version of the classic Frank Dog, and we suggest adding the house-made Devil Sauce—and bacon for some crunch…” Go to online article >>

  • Tasting Table

    Let's Be Frank spices things up at the carts--and now at home

    Diabolically Delicious

    The Let's Be Frank hot dog cart is as well known for its homemade condiments--like bread-and-butter pickles and spicy peppers--as it is for its grass-fed beef franks. Now owners Sue Moore and Larry Bain have jarred some of that goodness for you to take home: Say hello to LBF's Devil Sauce. Go to online article >>

  • Applied Presss

    Grass-fed beef in vogue for health-conscious consumers

    "I love the feel, the taste, the pedigree that this meat is free-range," [Steve Elzer], the 46-year-old movie publicist said between bites at the chrome and ketchup-red Let's Be Frank stand. The fledgling chain of hot dog stands -- two more operate in San Francisco -- is among a small but thriving segment of the fast-food world offering grass-fed and other naturally raised meats to the masses. Download pdf >>

  • LA Times

    Look What Just Rolled Into Town…

    LA Times

    …devout dog fans are lined up at the cheery red and yellow cart on the pedestrian-only stretch of Helms Avenue. The draw? Grilled-to-order “grass-fed dogs” served up with heaps of caramelized onions on soft, buttery buns.

    LA Times

    Let's Be Frank hot dog truck comes to the Eastside permanently Do you know what perfectly compliments artisanal bread and butter? Grass-fed beef hot dogs. Go to online article >>

  • LA Weekly

    Jonathan Gold’s 99 Essential LA Restaurants

    LA Weekly: Jonathan Gold

    taut, delicious natural-skin beauties that snap like rim shots when you bite into them, mildly seasoned, tucked into griddled buns and served, if you want them that way, with grilled onions, organic sauerkraut and an occasional mystery condiment that Moore hides under the counter like the secret stash at a comic book store.

  • Gourmet Magazine

    Gourmet Magazine: James Cameron

    With their virtuous heritage, the juicy, snappy, flavorful dogs have the added benefit of being very low-guilt (as hot dogs go, anyway). Topped with soft, charred onions and a zigzag of moutarde, served alongside a bottle of Izze pomegranate soda, the slender dogs make a perfect sunny SoCal lunch…

  • Food and Wine

    Food and Wine

    July 2006
    "Not everyone can afford a $50 grass-fed steak, but everyone can afford a $5 hot dog," says Sue Moore of Let's Be Frank. Let's Be Frank uses organic buns from Acme Bread and pasture-raised beef from Hearst Ranch in San Simeon, California, for the juicy, snappy, tasty hot dogs it sells from carts around the San Francisco area.

  • New York Times

    New York Times: Kim Severson

    “Let's Be Franks are more russet than pink, and their pleasantly rough texture and extra-juicy bite makes them more robust, more like a sausage than most hot dogs from grass-fed beef… Their hot dog is also an inexpensive way to deliver the gospel of locally raised grass-fed beef to the masses. Many hot dog eaters are not going to drop a lot of cash on an aged grass-fed porterhouse, but they might spend $5 to see what the buzz is about.”