Dogs gone good aren't only healthy for you, they're healthy for the planet. We're committed to green practices that go beyond the grass feeding our cows. From our pledge to use ingredients from farmers and ranchers committed to reducing their waste to our efforts to minimize ours, we’re driven by a desire to sustain our environment for future generations of Frank fans.
  • Sunshine in a Bun

    Very simply put, Let's be Frank serves sunshine in a bun. Beef from cattle raised only on pasture is solar-powered protein. The sun feeds the grass, the grass feeds the cattle and the cattle provide the delicious and healthy meat that goes into our franks.

    When cattle graze on grass, they create healthy pastures that acre for acre, sequester more carbon dioxide than rainforest. When you combine the effects of our use of local beef, local processors, and participating in a system that doesn't rely on fossil-fuel based fertilizers or chemicals, you can see that Let's be Frank has a very small carbon pawprint.

  • Our Money Where Our Mouths Are

    Aside from the reduction of "food miles," working with local ranchers and processors has big benefits. We know our ranchers. There is human face behind our hot dogs, and no certification process can improve upon that for assuring quality. If we don't support our local ranchers, they will vanish and their pastures will be developed for other uses, never to return to the production of good food. When we lose our ranchers and our land, we become dependent on off-shore producers, which (as the many recent outbreaks of food-borne illnesses have demonstrated) have a devastating impact on our food security-not to mention what it does to our economy.

  • Water

    A well-grazed pasture retains rainfall and runoff much better than cultivated grain fields, and so the pastures that feed our cattle do not need to be not irrigated. Our meat takes a fraction of the water required to produce grain-fed beef. Raising cattle on grass is a key element in a water-wise agricultural system.

  • Our Green Commitment

    Every decision we make is informed by our commitment to a healthy planet. We compost or recycle over 90% of our waste. Our carts don't even have any serveware, just a fully compostable paper wrapper! We used green materials to build our new shop and watch our water and power consumption like hawks.